Métro Style


The Métro is the fastest and most efficient way of getting around Paris. But it’s more than just that, says Keith Hall. It is also a major tourist attraction. Join Keith as he whizzes around the underground system looking into the history and styles of some of the outstanding stations of the Paris Métro. You… [Continue Reading]

Sarlat – a Perfect Medieval Town

Rooftops in Sarlat, France

  The south-western region of France contains numerous medieval villages full of castles, churches and narrow cobbled streets in varying degrees of preservation. What makes southern France’s ancient villages and castles different from those in other parts of Europe is the region’s staunch resistance to the hunger of the tourist industry for theme parks and… [Continue Reading]

“Le Rêve”, Uzès – How the dream of a house in the south of France became a reality!

Place aux Herbes

     Advertorial It started off many years ago as a long running joke between my husband and I, with me teasing him about buying an outrageously enormous château or stunning stone country mas in France each time we visited. The truth was that we were very much tied to both our employment and the education… [Continue Reading]

Our winner receives a Porcelain Jug


In our Spring edition 2012 we invited readers to tell us in 50 words or less about your favourite French destination – either one you would like to travel to or have travelled to. Why is it your favourite? What would you like to do/did you do while there? A selection of letters are published… [Continue Reading]