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In our Summer edition, we invited you to tell us your favourite French Movie you would love to recommend to our readers and why. Congratulations to the lucky winner – Aileen Le Breton Hogan – who will receive this Metal Clock valued at $59.95 from VictoriannaRose –

Paulette – A 2012 French comedy about a homophobic old lady Paulette.  She has difficulty living on her pension and becomes a “criminal”. As a poor, honest woman, Paulette is nasty and hateful however as she becomes more “illegal” she becomes nicer.  If you like to laugh then this film is for you! – Jennifer Crofts

If you love French film creativity on all levels – ingenious humour combined with timing, movement and most of all feeling totally uplifted after the experience,  I thoroughly recommend ‘Jacques Tati’s Film,  ‘Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday’ (1953). Add this to your collection, it’s a film to be seen many times. – Leona Kay Buchester

“Sans aucun doute, I must nominate the passion, beauty and drama of ‘Jean de Florette’ as L’expérience du cinéma français. The voice of Gerard Depardieu entrances and the French countryside is a picturesque juxtaposition to true greed and jeopardy as the tragedy unfolds. Never to be forgotten once seen. Haunting!” – Aileen Le Breton Hogan

Le Chef is a very funny French movie about a self educated chef wannabe and a three star Michelin chef in danger of losing his job from his new boss and has no new recipe ideas for the critics who will be coming – it was fate for them to help each other out. – Marian Mikhael


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