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2013 SUMMERUn changement est aussi bon comme un jour férié!

A change is as good as a holiday! This edition, we’ve decided to embrace that well-known saying and revamp our front cover with a newly-styled title. We hope you like it!

Beneath our new banner sits the lovely Patricia Kontogonis perched on a gorgeous Renault convertible. If you are wondering who Patricia is, you can read all about her inspiring story in this latest issue – In La Binoche’s make-up case… by Angela Sutherland and Jennie Sharpe. Patricia has had a life-long love of cosmetics, of Paris, and of Juliet Binoche. Inspired by French women like “La Binoche”, who exude fashion and self-confidence, she has created a cosmetic range to give every woman a little piece of that je ne sais quoi.

Can I tempt you with the “red hot vintage Renault convertible”? You can read all about Renault himself in A man and his machines. If you’ve ever driven in Europe, chances are you’ve driven a Renault, and seen many more of them zooming past you. They’re the second most popular car in Europe, and are gaining in popularity here in Australia too. So who was the man who gave his name to these ubiquitous cars? Lucas Frigo recounts the rise and fall of Louis Renault.

For those of you about to take a trip to France for your annual skiing holiday, consider opting for the spectacular scenery of the Pyrénées. They offer a quieter, less touristy version of the classic French skiing holiday, so forget the crowded Alps and venture to the virgin slopes of the Pyrénéan chain. (By Jo Walmesley.)

Julie Ihle takes a visit to the city of Beaune in Burgundy – home of the god of wine. And, for French foodies, we feature recipes that will certainly entice you. It’s the perfect time of year to indulge your sweet tooth, and no one does dessert quite like the French. Treat your family and friends to these delicious, easy-to-make French recipes.

I would like to introduce our new regular at French Provincial – Caroline Vosse. Born in France and known as ‘Frenchy’ in Australia, each edition Caroline will explore what makes French fashion so fashionable.

France is known for its elegance, class and style. In 2014, we’ll be featuring fashion icons alongside articles on France’s spectacular destinations, history and culture – French Provincial magazine brings you the very best of France.

The staff of French Provincial would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful and bright New Year in 2014.

Vous voir l’année prochaine (See you next year),



Child skiing at Font Romeau. Photograph courtesy of Creme de Languedoc








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