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Welcome to the latest issue of French Provincial Magazine.

I would like to introduce myself as the new Editor in Chief of French Provincial Magazine. My name is Krystle McGill, Journalist by trade, Actress by day. I completed my Master’s Degree in Journalism at Sydney University and since then I have had a passion for writing, not to mention being in love with France.

I would like to thank David Hulston for offering me the role as the new Editor in Chief of this beautiful French Lifestyle Magazine and I hope that you enjoy the fresh new look I have incorporated into this issue, including Fashion, Celebrity, Beauty and Health. You will get to know me on a personal level in our feature story ‘The Day in the Life of Our New Editor in Chief.’

My team at French Provincial would like to welcome Marie-Claire Taylor who will be heading up our regular Fashion and Style pages and Veronica Cristovao from Diamond Kidz who will contribute an exciting new Kids Fashion section in each issue. I just love how the French dress their children!

We are pleased to introduce our French Provincial Book Club in this issue. This will be a regular feature, recommending books that have made an impact on me. The story of Doujon’s Heart really struck a chord, it is beautifully written and would make a wonderful gift for someone special. Make sure to also check out Resilience by Darren Vernede. It is a personal story from Darren about bouncing back from the edge. I was really moved by both of these books.

I love Parc Monceau in Paris and enjoyed reading Prue Young’s beautiful article and stunning images, as well as other long time contributor’s Keith Hall, (Revolutionary Fervour) Roger Allnut, (Corsica) and Marie Nicolas (Basque Language).

I am extremely grateful to the team at the magazine for accepting me into their family and I hope you enjoy our subtle new look for French Provincial, Australia’s #1 magazine for French Style and Culture since 2007.

Bien amicalement

Editor in Chief

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