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“Vis ta vie sans regrets”

Recently, I have been drooling over a French recipe book. Its delightful, delicious photography certainly encourages the tastes buds and, no sooner do I glance through it, than I find myself in the kitchen endeavouring to reproduce a mouth-watering dish. Not helpful when you’re trying to lose those extra two or three kilos, but I say “live life with no regrets” – “Vis ta vie sans regrets”. Besides, I can always use the secrets on pg 10, where we reveal How French Women Stay Slim.

I find the French lifestyle adds an extra dimension of depth to life: its food, décor, design, furniture, history and, of course, its beautiful language. “Oui oui”, I hear you agree.

We’re planning another trip to France this year but, would you believe it, I don’t know where to begin when it comes to choosing destinations. Help! We have featured so many beautiful places in French Provincial magazine, I’m spoilt for choice. At least day 1 is easy: arriving in Paris. After that, I’ll have to take it a day at a time. Some of you have recently sent us your recommendations and advice – the do’s and don’ts of travel in France – which is much appreciated.

One of the do’s is featured in this Winter edition of French Provincial: The Castle of Monte Cristo. Although the Count of Monte Cristo is a fictional character, you can visit the real life Castle of Monte Cristo near the small village of Marly-le-Roi, just outside Paris. Built for the Count’s famous creator – Alexandre Dumas – it is now a monument to the author, who lived and worked there for five years. Keith Hall visited the Château de Monte Cristo to learn more about the life and times of one of France’s most widely read novelists (page 16).

Our chef Cherry Macleay warms us through with her favourite French dish for winter – Coq au Vin (Chicken with Burgundy) on page 56. Plus, as always, there are lots more articles with bewitching travel destinations, intriguing history and, let’s not forget our advertisers, who offer us so many wonderful French products to choose from.

Jouir de,

Jenny Jacob




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