Le coing parfumé – The Fragrant Quince There is nothing quite like the scent of a quince. Unfortunately, they are a seasonal fruit and are only available in Australia during the autumn months. So, now’s your chance to have a splurge: buy about ten and put them in a large bowl on a table. They… [Continue Reading]

At Home In Normandy


As the season changes and the weather cools, it’s time to forget our summer diets and return to the food lover’s paradise of Normandy and the kitchen of our dear friend, Christine Descoueyte. In this, the second part of our At Home in Normandy series, Christine shares some of her favourite apple recipes. “The apple… [Continue Reading]

Tarte aux fraises et crème au basilic

Souffle glace

Strawberry tart with basil cream This is perhaps the most popular tart in the world. It is the most plain as well, because with this tart the strawberry is the star. So it is very important to buy the best local strawberries you can find: very red, not too big and not too small. And… [Continue Reading]

Cuisine: Oat milk Custard with Tea Tree honey, Blueberry fantasy- Raspberry and Aniseed Merveilles

Oat Milk Custard

Recipes are served in “Verrine” (glasses) for elegant presentation Oat Milk Custard with Tea Tree Honey, Blueberry Fantasy- Raspberry and Aniseed Merveilles Creme de Lait d’Avoine au Miel d’Eucalyptus “Tea Tree”, sa Fantaisie de Myrtille –  Merveilles a la Framboise et a l’Anis Recipe for 4 Creme de lait d’avoine 3 organic eggs (2 egg… [Continue Reading]