Life Style: Parisian Influence!


Falling in love with France as many others do, and being ask by many people to bring back the treasures from France, has led me to launch a new internet site Parisian Influence.

My journeys through-out Southern Northern & Eastern France has given me the chance to immerse myself in everything French and allowed me to bring back my treasures and influences from the French countryside, Paris and Europe.


Attending the largest home ware fair in Europe is a feast for the eyes, and for everyone who loves that French flair for unique and beautiful home wares, every taste is catered for spaning over 5 km of stalls.

With colour palates of muted grey, white wash, ochre, vanilla and latte, this year’s displays were another example of how the French display their wares as works of art. Even if it is vegetables at the markets or chocolate pastries at the patisserie their presentation is superb.


I have met some wonderful people on my travels throughout the French countryside, and to hear the stories behind my treasures makes them truly special. Antique linen is one of my favourite things, knowing that you have an antique linen sheet that was once given to the Bride on their wedding day or hand embroidered by the new mother in law to be, makes the pieces just a little more special.

Copper pots and pans is another of the items I love to collect. The French take their food very seriously, so what better way to try out those French recipes than to cook in the original copper pots.

Parisian Influence stocks the much sought after pieces of Limoges China, Christfofle silverware, antique linen, copper pots, and many other special one of pieces from the brocante Markets of France. Parisian Influence also has a new home wares range to complement and adorn your home and add that French provincial feel. Our range is the latest range of new home wares direct from Europe and Paris.


We also stock a small range of stunning home wares from the very well known in France, Mis en demeure. Founded in 1993 in France, Mis en Demeure offers a wide choice of high end accessories & objects for elegant homes and apartments. Mis en Demeure strives to maintain a unique atmosphere marked by past centuries reinterpreted with current taste. It is through the owner and designer Phillipe Daraux’s contemporary approach that simple objects become timeless.

Mathilde M is a small complementary range for the French bathroom and home, designed and manufactured in France. Beautiful embroidered hand towels, bathroom accessories, medicis prints for the home and bedroom. And in a latte palate, gorgeous French lamps with fragrance burners attached to permeate throughout the bedroom or home.


New Arrivals and just in time for Christmas, include a stunning range of antique style Christmas Decorations in antique rose and antique silver. For the hard to buy for a unique range of fun aprons all hand painted and made in France, displaying cows with fromage, chooks cooking Poule a la crème and not forgetting les macaroons in stunning colours of cumin, raspberry and anise.


Also new to the Parisian Influence range a special collection of rings and bracelets made with ancient French Francs, and if you were lucky enough to be born between 1962-1987, you can have it personalised with the franc in your birth year.


Make sure you subscribe to the newsletter on the website for new arrivals, my latest one of special pieces from the markets of Provence, Toulouse, Carpentras and Avignon are on the way!

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